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UnRally Ride??


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I am trying to explore my own ideas of rides in the area (!) and wondered if this one would work. It APPEARS to be a nice ride "length" of about 218 miles and 4 1/2hrs


South to Jnct of 395/108. West 108 to Sonora, NW via Columbia to hook up with 4 then take 4 heading to Bear Valley, back to 89 then to 395.


Wud appreciate any insights on this one.


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That's a great loop. Just watch for crazy drivers on the switchback turns at the eastern end of Hwy 4 where it drops down to 89. Very tight, very narrow, with steep dropoffs. The rest of 4 is fantastic!



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Dang! You guys are the best :thumbsup:


I just noticed a small road called Big Hill Rd that runs into Yankee Hill road that joins 4. Wud this be a better ride than going thru the main roads in the area (108 & 49). We like the (tarmac) road less travelled generally ;) !


Any recommendations for a lunch stop along the way, especially on the Western End?



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Big Hill Road into Columbia, then Parrots Ferry Road is part of the Sonora - Columbia - Ebbetts Loop Route that has already been posted at www.unrally.com/rides .


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Any recommendations for a lunch stop along the way, especially on the Western End?


Diamondback Grill in Sonora has killer burgers and other great dishes.

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Sorry Michael! I had already printed that route out with all the others but left them at home.

Being at worked, bored and all, I pulled up Google maps and was trolling around the area.

My ride was going clockwise against your ride and I confused myself :eek:! Which, given my age, happens a lot :rofl:

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The first time I rode 108, I called it "the twistiest road I've ever been on that still had a line down the center". I've ridden it again since, and found it not quite as twisty as I recalled, but still very, very twisty. Lots of fun, and very scenic, but be very careful about how you mix those two attributes.


For example, if you're westbound on 108, at one point there's a pretty steep downhill with a rock wall on your right and a steep dropoff on your left. After a few hundred yards down this hill, there's a gorgeous view for miles down the valley... and a completely blind, decreasing radius tight right turn. There's no guardrail on the outside, and it's hundreds of feet straight down. If you're admiring the view, you'll be admiring it for the rest of your life.... which won't be very long.


Part of 4 is so twisty that it _doesn't_ have a line down the center.


These are great, great roads, and I highly recommend them. But be careful out there.


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