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Transmission Shifting Issue


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2004 R1150RT / 40K miles. Experiencing shifting issues


I returned last night from a 450 trip over the weekend. While shifting from 5th to 6th gear, I could not get it to shift. I tried it again and it worked. I am now experiencing intermittent trouble shifting down through all gears, although not it does not seem to be consistent. Up-shifting doesn't really seem to have any issues that I can tell. Down-shifting seems primarily to be more problematic in the 5th/6th gear. Clutch fluid shows no bubble; completely full. Also, when on the center stand, shifting gears briefly engages the transmission (the rear wheel turns) even with the clutch pulled in.


No dripping, whining noises, or any other unusual things observed.


What do these symptoms indicate? Thanks for the input.

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Hi, I’m a new member here also. I guess I can say welcome to the group although I haven’t been here long enough to make that a credible statement.


I have owned a fair number of BMWs some with shall we say shifting uniqueness. BMW hasn’t ever been accused of having butter smooth shifting qualities.

My last 6 speed oilhead experienced down shifting problems similar to what you describe and what I eventually found was the little shift lever that bolts to the trans stub shaft had it’s bolt come loose, like real loose. I also had a bout of stiff shifting about a year after I bought it and that turned out to be lack of grease in the link ball joints between the foot shift lever and trans lever.

Baring something internal in your trans that went belly up I might suggest you check the shift lever link ball joints for proper lubrication then also check the lever on the trans side for being tight. Mind the little spring clips that hold the ball socket on the ball as those are little PIAs as they need to be removed to get the ball socket off the ball. They kind of unclip then pull out of the holes they are in. Easy to get out but a real PITA to get back in, especially the top one. Hopefully you problem is something simple like a loose lever bolt or dry ball socket.


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