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Why so much transmission slack R1200RT?


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I have just upgraded to a 2010 RT (from my 2008RT) and continue to be amazed at the amount of slack in the transmission. When I took the old bike and now the new into the dealer for service, I usually get a GS. I am assuming that the transmission in the GS is very similar to the RT but all the GSs I have used have virtually no slack in the transmission. I do lots of stop-start and 1st gear work in heavy traffic but no matter how delicately I operate the clutch, I always seem to be able to hear the transmission "slapping" when the clutch goes in or out. As I said, I have had this on both RTs but don't understand why it is not prevalent in the GS. Is there anything that can be tightened up to minimize the slack? Does the noise from the transmission equal wear or is it nothing to worry about?



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The GS has a shorter final drive ratio (8% lower) and weighs about 80lbs less (14%). That might have some effect. So the slack is there, but maybe it's less noticeable.


The other possibility is the sound of the gears knocking together is amplified inside the bodywork of the RT to a certain extent.

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More than often GS is equipped with shorter #1 gear and shorter final drive which eases a lot that klunck you hear.

Same geabox same final same sh!t just different ratios and less echo inside non existent tupperware.

My RT sounded like there was a midget inside the bike using sledgehammer every time I used the clutch trying to keep the speed on pedestrian level.

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I experience the same thing with my 2009 RT


Me as well. I tend to over use the clutch to make up for it. Hopefully the clutch on the R12RT is as robust as the R11RT was/is.



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