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Hi everyone. Good to see you all!


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So just logged in after Jerry Mather sent me a story about Valentino and I had the chance to watch some of the motogp racing this afternoon from Mugello!


Good to see all you cats are still up to the same old tricks.


Me and the little dude are starting our new motorcycle gang here in Alhambra called Sons of Adam. Currently we are designing a vest system but we haven't really picked out our colors yet. He seems to want to go with orange even though I've pointed out that the Soul Brothers in Bakersfield already claim that. (not to mention the numerous Harley guys..)


I've still got my lovely yellow badadam r1100s in the garage and think I'll get on it for a ride tomorrow!


Talk to you guys soon.





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BadAdam, long time! Not since that bike night in Calabasas, CA. Good to know you're still riding the CA freeways. And yes, post a pic of the little guy :thumbsup:

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You CAN post more than once every 5 years.........


Long time no see. Last time I saw you was at Laguna while you were on the track on a V-Strom I think.


Welcome back, and check in more often!

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Looked at my posting history and it seems like I post about once a year. :)


Kenneth Robert is doing well. about to finish his first year of elementary school and is excited about his summer plans including going to South Carolina next month to drink some whiskeys and check out a part of the world I've never seen.


Will try and post a photo of the little man shortly. photo.php?op=1&view=all&subj=48534154329&aid=-1&pid=3901021&id=693644311&oid=48534154329

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Before ya ride that Yellow thang, make sure ya check the tire pressure.


20 didn't cut it in Torrey.






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Hi Adam.

Good to see your back.











Glad I didn't see your front... :eek:




Things have been a bit too quiet around here without you.





know how to stir the pot :thumbsup::wave:

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