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R1200R: how to convert into my beloved R1100RS?


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Hi there,


After 150.000 wonderful km, I traded my near to perfect R1100RS (bought new in 2000, 1st owner, with cases, R1150RS screen, Technoflex shocks, ABS, etc) for an R1200R.




I want something new & slightly different. That is - to be honest - the main reason.

Tried an F800ST as well. Excellent, good ergos, and very economical. In Holland you have ample opportunity to test ride. That helps making a choice.


I fear that the F is not the bike for the commuting department (did you see the beauty cases?).

Was already clear without test riding... :)



As Paul M once pointed out, it should be possible making a sport tourer (European style; so not an RT) out of the R1200R. So, a lower handlebar and a modest screen for instance.


Any tips to convert into an RS look-alike?


Many thanks,



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I would think a R1200ST would be the perfect bike to stay within the "RS" genre... Do they have them there in the Netherlands?

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There was a guy who grafted the R11RS bodywork onto the R1200R a few years ago.


Check out page 20 in November 2008 BMW ON (MOA magazine). It looks pretty darn good - near "factory" quality from the photos.



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