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Help! '04 R1150RT


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I accidentally pushed the rubber plug for the ignition timing hole in the crankcase. Will this damage anything or can I just cover the hole with duct tape?



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You don't even have to cover it with duct tape if you don't feel like it. Everything will be just peachy either way.

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Thanks boatzo. BTW, what is in that cavity area?


The flywheel, the clutch, the business end of the starter motor. And plenty of space at the bottom. Some folks wind up with several in there, mostly still whole, that can be retrieved at clutch repair time.

There are arrows on the camshaft pulleys that work just fine for positioning the motor for valve clearance checks......So if you buy a new plug, you can just leave it in place.

I hear some folks use the old style from airheads.....A little bigger, less easily lost.

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Below is a picture, found on and saved from another forum (r1150r.org) that shows where those plugs come to rest.




If memory serves me correctly I think CycleRob was the author of the post.

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I forgot what bikes it's from but BMW sells a much thicker one that you can take in and out without fear of it being pushed in the motor.

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The thicker plug that Richard_D is referring to is one for an airhead. They are thicker and much harder to push trough.

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