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BMR Co-pilot shelf and mounting Garmin 1390


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Has anyone had any experience mounting a GPS below a BMR co-pilot shelf? I have a Garmin 1390 GPS and was hoping to use the shelf and some modified RAM mount to mount the GPS below the shelf, thus allowing the windshield full movement. I am not really interested in mounting the GPS using a the RAM mounts on the brake/ckutch resevoir.


Also, how steady is a GPS mount on the BMR co-pilot? It is pretty steady?

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I'm not familiar with the garmin 1390; I have an old 2610 mounted above the shelf on an RT1150 and have no problem with windshield movement through its full range.

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I know that this is a late response but it may still be useful. I have my 276C mounted on the top of the dash and can only extend my GPS antenna with the screen in the up position. I guess this is similar to your potential problem.


My plan is to make a small extension to the antenna so it will be detached and sit lower but still point vertical. Perhaps this could work for you.

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have a question...also have a 2610 and have been considering installing a bmr shelf on my 2004RT.


how did you attach the 2610 to the shelf???





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Dear Bear 1-

Have you considered installing your GPS using the BMR shelf, itself? I was able to do this on my '08 RT by reinforcing the shelf using (2) 1/8" threaded rods as struts. they don't impair your vision, and I simply dropped them at an angle, bent the ends, penetrated the bottom of the dash, then secured them with nuts and lock washers at the bottom and top. Shelf is solid as a rock, and I simply use a ram mount coming off the shelf to mount the GPS. Touratech sold me a locking mount for security, and I substituted a torx-based SS screw (from Touratech) instead of the rubber/plasticized wing nut for additional security. Works the nuts.Dave R.

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(sorry, I haven't been on in awhile to respond).


I used a RAM ball (like this:



with standard 3" extension



and cradle




The ball is mounted about 1/2 to 2/3 back on the shelf and the extension puts the 2610 at edge right in front of me. The cradle has a ball also and the extension clamps onto both.


Hope the info helps.

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