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R1200RT Bar Risers


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I have a new 2010 RT with a few hundred miles on it, and I get some pain between my shoulder blades. I think it is from the forward position of the handlebars. I have to reach out to them and it puts weight on my arms, shoulders and upper back. Has anyone used bar backs like IliumWorks (http://www.iliumworks.com/Store_Det...019&InfoID=5919) or Moto Techniques (http://www.ascycles.com/detail.aspx?ID=71103)? Are they easy to put on? Do I need special tools to remove the handlebar bolts? Will the stock cables work? Do the cables need any special adjustment?


And most importantly did bar risers eliminate the upper back pain?


On the other hand I read a very interesting thread about something called the "Master Yoda Riding Position" which promises to address the back/shoulder pain. Here's the thread:



Has anyone tried this MYRP and found greater comfort from this position? I am trying it out but I seem to move the pain to my lower back. I'll keep practicing.


Thanks for any insights!


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MYRP has "classic" status here but it does not have to be mysterious.


Many of us use/used the various bar risers and pull backs, especially those of us who migrated from other brands with the typical H-D riding position.


That being said, of those who did use the risers, many have subsequently learned MYRP or variations thereof and have found comfort in using a riding position that is better for our bodies and our bikes.


I bought and used the Mototechniques until they caused/allowed new and different back pain. I then devoted my efforts toward learning how to change my posture on the bike and the pain subsided. My Mototechniques remain in the tool box drawer.


Dick Franz, who wrote MYRP, is clear... MYRP involves relearning, re-teaching your body and establishing new habits.


It may not come quick nor easy but it does work and it is worth the effort..


That being said,.. if you find that the risers and pull backs help, then by all means use them.

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