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Want to buy a new F 800 GS but?


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I heard riders experiment some problems with the engine of this bike, strange sounds inside and other details I dont remember.

Im just one step away of buying the 30th anniversary model.


Do you heard something wrong about this bike?


Thanks for your comments.





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Every single person I have talked to about the 800GS has said the same thing


"It is awesome........when its not in the shop"


I really wanted one, but I have been scared off for another year or two.



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It is awesome.....and, it is no longer in the shop!


I am fairly confident that us beta testers have sorted the bike. You'll love it!!!

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Mine, although an F650GS and not and 800GS, is awesome, and has not spent time in the shop except for regular servicing, tyre changes, and one or two small items that were fixed while I waited. It is just over 2 years old now, and has done almost 23,000km. I would not hesitate to buy another one if this one was stolen.

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Paul Mihalka
2010 f800gs on craigslist for $4200 with 2500 miles and touratech panniers.


That price is so low that I would look very closely for a scam.

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From the 800 forum, what's a little piston slap? Rear drive bearing failures, unexplained engine shut off, etc. Oh, yeah, cracked gas tanks, yadda, yadda. It really is nice to ride though.

I've got an 800ST and have NOT, knock on wood, had any problems in 33000 miles.

Do go to the F800 forum and have a peruse.

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I have a 2010 F 650GS with 10k miles and other than a small leak in valve cover gasket and two nails in the rear tire, it has been perfect.


I bought it because of it's simplicity, having previously sworn off the BMW brand because of problems I had with overly complex components (Rear drive and electrical system failures)

Maintenance costs so far have been about a third of the RT. ($180 for the 6k service, the 12k service is about the same.)


It's not the perfect touring bike not is it the perfect off road bike but it does everything in between extremely well and is a ton of fun to ride.

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looks like a Suzuki


OUTCH!!!!!!!!!! my bike is crying now...... :cry:


but atleast it doesnt have any of the problems you listed. So I guess I can handle a little ugliness.


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