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CT to VA Beach


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Anyone take the Cape May Ferry over to Delaware? What was your experience like? I was thinking that it might be a good way to break things up during a long drive...


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I've taken it a few times in either direction. Nice little ride, but it doesn't really save you any time and it's not cheap; but it's certainly more interesting than the highway ride through northern Delaware and southwestern New Jersey.

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I took it one time. As MattS mentioned, it's quicker and cheaper to stay on the road but more scenic and relaxing to take the ferry.

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Anything that avoids the Philly/Newark area is worth it.


Down the DelMarVa Penninsula in MD there is another much smaller ferry that crosses the Tred Avon River: Oxford Bellevue Ferry.


It's in a pretty area of Maryland's eastern shore and is believed to be America's oldest privately running ferry. Its's a short ride but a nice side trip.

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Calvin  (no socks)

Anything has to be better than the Jersey Pike... on a 95 degree Saturday...DAMHIK

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