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Wyoming 2000 R1100RTP Luggage Inquiry


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The luggage mount has a "stem" on the left, and a rectangualar or octagonal slot on the right: What kind of luggage or bags would I look for that will fit nested inside the rear roll bars?


Snooping at luggage, I noticed that at $600 ea. that is about 1/2 what I paid for the entire machine, which makes the old scottish DNA sphincter noise quite audible, if you catch my meaning...


If there are more economical/frugal/cost effective ways to go, if a

new/good set is not practicle, by all means let me know.


SPlanning of being at the Redmond Rally, WITH the Authority IF Linda does not go, the ol' 77 with Velorex Sidecar if she doews AND we can find motel, as she will not camp. Me: A fly swatter, and sunblock & I'm good.LOL




Casper, Wyoming

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The bikes came with OEM BMW bags, but with the city lids (these are the shallow ones), which thus fit inside the roll bars.


I would look for crashed bikes, take the inside of the bags from those, then look for lids separately. I was able to pick up two regular sized lids (one at a time) for touring, for <$50. It only looks a little funny!


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I'm looking at a couple reg bags on the MOA, and City lids on same...Hope they're white, but I also wished my bike be free...LOL


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