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Southern California Vacation Suggestions


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I'm looking for suggestions for a 3-4 day stay in Southern Calif in late June. This will be a solo ride/vacation/decompression. I'll likely ride there from Phoenix.


Yes, there are lots of places to choose from, but I was looking for some local knowledge.



1) Hotel/Resort limit of $200-$300 per night.

2) Close (0-2 miles) to the ocean.

3) Close to decent riding.






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Believe it or not, Eric is giving some VERY good advice.


The Ventura area has been an under-rated ocean front community for a long time. There are some really nice hotels (You can stay at the Crown Plaza ON THE BEACH for about $140 a night). There are also great rides east, and north. Also, it'll be a little cooler than LA. Many options. And if you MUST come down into the LA area, you can always follow the lemmings down Pacific Coast Highway.



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If you happen to go to Santa Monica, there are to nice places to stay. I put the links in for you. Whether or not you stay at one or the other, be sure to go to Lowes Hotel on a sunday for one of the greatest brunches ever. Frankly, the ventura and nothern route sounds more interesting and fun, but if you do go to Santa Monica, now you have 2 good options for sleep and great food.






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Dennis Andress

Ventura, Santa Barbara offer some great riding. 3-4 days isn't a lot of time to enjoy much of Hwy 1, you could turn up the wick and see a lot of it, but not really enjoy it. Cambria, or a little further north to Lucia, would be as far as I'd go. If you are into camping and hanging out at a remote place, consider Jalama Beach. Montana de Oro doesn't offer camping, but it has lot's of good hiking.


boney posted this link of good riding roads in the UnRally forum. It has a wealth of good stuff.



Jalama Beach:



Montan de Oro


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Venice Beach to "people" watch



Disneyland -- I'm 54 YO and still love it; especially if you don't have kids with you.

The Disney's Grand California Hotel is awesome. A bit outside your price range but worth it. Easy walk to both theme parks and Downtown Disney... A great night spot.


The hotel is worth visiting even if you don't stay there.


You have lots of options. It will be difficult to choose.







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I like the Ventura idea, and I'll also suggest Cambria, thought it is a litle more "gold coast" CA than Southern CA. Plenty of roads up in the hills, also Rt. 1 up to Big Sur, etc.


If you want more of an "out of the city" experience, Cambria would be a good choice. Nice motels right on the ocean along Moonstone Beach.

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Another thought re Ventura. Make sure you check your dates against "happenings" in Ventura. County Fair, league tournaments, etc. There are times in the summer when motel / hotel rooms are rare as the demand well outstrips the capacity.


Advance planning a good idea there.



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Thanks for all of the suggestions. I just booked a stay at the Loews Santa Monica Beach Resort. After that, I'm headed to Sacramento to visit the parents.



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Loews is nice, right in the thick of it. Nice places to eat in walking distance and it's right by the beach. Pretty of cool shops at 3rd Street.

I'd suggest doing the coast when you head up north and spend the evening near Monterey before you head inland to see your folks. 101 is nice but after Pismo Beach, Hwy 1 is the road to be on IMO.

Have fun and don't forget to walk the strand in Venice while your here, it's interesting to say the least.

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