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MS Outlook tech support needed


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It took awhile but I finally got my Contacts list imported into Outlook and thought I was home free. Put together an email and tried to send it and it has been sitting in the Outbox for nearly a week.

I finally noticed a small message down in the right lower corner of the screen. "Send/receive error" I click on it and it opens a window with the following cryptic message:

Task 'toubabdoc@gmail.com'--Sending' reported error (0x800CCC80): None of the authentication methods supported by this client are supported by your server.


Could someone translate this into English?


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I *think* that your mail server setup for sending (typically SMTP) is not correctly configured. Have you been able to send any mails at all?


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Haven't tried other than the two bulk mailings that have been sitting, twiddling their thumbs....


How would I correctly configure SMTP, whatever that is??

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Out of curiosity, if you have a gmail account, why are you even bothering with the world's worst e-mail client, Outlook?

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Depending on your version of Outlook, go to Tools/Account Settings. On the Email tab, select your account setup and then click Change.


Make sure your SMTP server and POP3 server information is correct. If you're unsure about it, contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to get the information you need.


There is also a Test button you can use to make sure your settings are correct.





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Doc, check the recipients of the mail list you are using to send this particular email. If you have someone on the list who only has a fax or phone number, it will hold the message up like yours is doing.

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Selden, I'm using it to send bulk mailings with news and updates of my charity organization's activities. I embed photos in the text. My main mail account is Yahoo and they don't allow embedded photos (at least I've never been able to embed them).

Outlook was suggested to me as a solution.

If you have a better suggestion I'm open to it.

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Steve and Jim, I reconfigured the whatchamacallit and it now says my POP3 is now jim-dandy. However, it didn't address the state of my SMTP, which I suspect might be insurrectional.

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