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2004 R1100S mirror extensions


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I am 6'4" and seeing mostly my shoulders in the mirrors. It looks like there

might be spacers avail that mount to the body of the R1100S that will bring the mirrors out a few cm. Anyone have any info on how well they work, best place to buy them or any other ideas? Thank you.

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i have never seen mirror extensions for the r11s, you might check on the pelicanparts website (r1100s&r1200s forum) if anyone has ever done it.


i would think you have two options.


1. add spacer blocks under the factory mirror skeleton arms, or

2. install mirrors mounted in the handle bar holes. this may not help much since the handle bars are narrower than most , have you considered shoulder reduction surgery??? :D

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I'm 6'5" and just got off an S bike.

No problem w/mirrors.

Not to be rude, but you did adjust them to show the lane next to the bike, right?

There's plenty of adjustment on the 2 I just sat on.

Best wishes.

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So I will try adjusting again but I mostly see my elbow, upper arm and shoulder. Hard to see the cars behind me.

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Personal preference, I guess, but I always position the mirrors to show the blind spots, lanes adjacent.

No need to move my head to see there, but do a head turn to verify if changing lanes.

I can see behind me by moving my head slightly, but that isn't the primary focus, for me of the mirrors.

Best wishes.

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