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Front Shock


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Can anyone tell me if a front shock off an 1100RT will interchange & fit on an 04-1150 RT. It's seems logical that it would but I would like some assurance from someone more knowledgeable about this than me.




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Well the part number for the front shock is different:

R1150RT = 31427650050

R1100RT = 31422314867


but oddly the part numbers for the authority versions are identical at: 31422317362


So, I'm guessing they are interchangable but not identical.

Someone here will KNOW!



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Thanks everyone for the replies. I did call Beemerboneyard & Works Shocks after posting and both confirmed that they would/should interchange. I've got a "new" used shock ordered. It's bound to be an improvement over the stocker with 68,000, plus I can now have it repaired as needed in the future.

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