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We wanna go back????


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These places are all very special to us. Each one represents great times, great roads, and even better peeps. Some we didn't have enough time to explore, others we just can't wait to get back to.






Highlands NC (Roadscholar's mother's house)






Cambria CA


Bodega Bay CA


Ouray CO


Cody WY


U.P. Michigan


Thumb Area MI


Arcadia NP




What places do you wanna go back to????



I will prolly add a few more before this thread is done.













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We celebrate our 35th on Monday 31st. Someday go back to Germany/Stutgart and walk the street of our Very Little Apartment. One block from the Mercedes Factory. So long ago 1975 ~ 1978

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Paul Mihalka

Every time I can fit it into my route plan I stop for the night in Gunnison CO and Eureka Springs AR.

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Glad to see that some of the destinations for our vacation this year are on the list...




Beartooth Pass




Maybe we'll find a few more...




Some, I'd like to return to:




Cherahola Skyway/Biltmore




Springfield Mile




Indy GP/Mile






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British Columbia/Victoria/Vancouver


Nova Scotia


UP Michigan


Pikes Peak




Mt. Rushmore



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Heck, I haven't even been to all the places I want to go to the first time yet! And some of those are on your "I want to go back" list, Whip. But there isn't a single one on your list I wouldn't like to go to either the first time or again.


Other places to go back to on a bike that weren't on your list:


Norcal - all over it, too many to list

Missoula, MT

Lake Louise

The Adirondacks (when it's not raining endlessly this time)


All over the Colorado Rockies.

Death Valley

The track (any track)

Asheville, NC

Cherohala Skyway


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In no particular order:


Gaspe peninsula, Qc

Cabot Trail & anywhere in Nova Scotia

Fundy Trail, NB

Saguenay/Lac St.Jean, Qc

Adirondacks, NY

White Mountains, NH

Lake Superior, On

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Colorado, all of it

Croatia, I wish i could have ridden my motorcycle when I was there.

Death Valley, I have been there many times but now that I have the Vstrom I would like to venture a little on dirt trails.

Mexico, another place I wish I was riding when I was there.

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Lolo Pass


Beartooth Highway




Million Dollar Highway


Oh, wait. Those are all on the trip that starts Tuesday. Along with Hill Country, the entire Gulf coast to Key West and up the east coast to Virginia. Going to be a great month!

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Most places I've been these past 50 years would qualify, and then there's a bunch on my list for First Time visits still (I assume you mean to 'ride')!


Back to

'any place in the Alps'


Vancouver Island


Eifel, Germany

Black Forest, Germany

Czech Republisk





Portugal coast



US west coast




See... not so many wishes :grin:

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Age 16


Ms Utter's English Class


Colt League Baseball


'58 Chevy


Brooks Cafe


Age 21


Manner's Park Pool


When the kids were little


"The Good Old Days"


Before change

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What places do you wanna go back to????


Deals Gap (the 1st time I took my bike to NC about 10-15yrs, when no one knew about it) It was just a damn twisty road :)

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There are great places such as Yellowstone, Beartooth hwy (Chief Joseph Highway is awesome too), Badlands, P.E.I. ,

and many others but I always want to go back on the road.


To many place yet unexplored, I win the lottery - I'm jumpin on the bike and goin till I get tired, ala Neil Pert in his

book "Ghost Rider" - without the loss of family members.

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Blue Ridge Parkway




Vieux Quebec


all on my K75S







and so many more it boggles the mind!

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Heck,I just got back into riding.My past exp.was mainly local.I plan to change that this time around.

Wih the RT I am reborn.

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Chicken, Alaska

Hyder, Alaska

Nova Scotia

Cherohala Skyway

Redwood NP

Canadian Rockies

Yosemite NP

Pacific Coast Hwy

New England/Upstate NY Backroads

UP of Michigan

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Grand Traverse Bay/Sleeping Bear Dunes on Lake Michigan :)


Torrey :thumbsup:


Seattle/Puget Sound area :Cool:


Natchez Trace Parkway - want to ride it next time I go to TN to see my sis :grin:


Yosemite, upper Tuolome :D

Finland, last time I only saw the southern part by car - next time I want Mikko to show me that Lapland part (with reindeer and tundra) on a bike :clap:


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Gunnison- First Un was uh Un REal Fun.


Chasing Bearden and Baker across twisty parts of Arkansas. I won't keep up this time either.


Returning to Arkansas from Gunnison with Chris K. great time.


Rt. 28 north of US 44 in Missouri on my way to MIZZOU. Both times little traffic.


Arkansas Rt. 123 twisty bits and nary a car or truck.


Skyline drive, Front Royal, VA on my 81 CB750F Honda. Didn't know what I didn't know about touring and had a blast.

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in no particular order:


Natchez Trace - the whole thing

Savannah, GA

Columbus, GA

Lettsworth, LA

Winston-Salem, NC

Charleston, NC

Wilmington, NC

Asheville, NC

Anywhere in North Georgia

St. Augustine, FL



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They say that if you remember being in Amsterdam, you were`nt really there.


Not really true, I made sure I remembered everything I could about the red light district.

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Not that I have been there but a visit to meet the Whip household puppies included would be nice....

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Beartooth highway




British Columbia


Michigan's upper peninsula


northern New Mexico


Big Bend

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They say that if you remember being in Amsterdam, you were`nt really there.


Heh heh heh. Well, yeah, that's WHY I need to go BACK! :-)

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The mighty Furka Pass for me, was there in 96. No words could describe the thrill! (my pic SuXs, borrowed this one)




This young German fellow was our tour gide & let me just say, he could ride the freakin wheels off a motorcycle. :grin:

Hope you're well Michael! :wave:









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The Florida Tollroad, I-285 around Atlanta, I-10, wait... my bad that was places I WANT to go back to!

Heck, I haven't even been to all the places I want to go to the first time yet!

Places like southern Germany, Switzerland, Austria, northern Italy. All next year for Octoberfest!

NE USA from mid-PA to Maine.

St Lawrence seaway (Canada side), Lakes Huron & Superior, both sides (thats a return).

The Rockies of Canada & US.

Grand Canyon, native lands & southern Utah.

New Orleans. Toronto. (Great cities)

Newfoundland, Nova Scotia & Labrador.

New Zealand.


Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Greece.

Oregon, Washington, BC coasts.

Alaska via the Al-Can et al. all the way to Barrow.


I swear, if I have to take one more vacation to visit relatives in some flat place without a bike and traveled to & from there via aluminum tube of fear, I will lose what little of my SH!T I still possess.

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Oregon. Oh, wait, I'm still there. Well, when I get home, I want to go back to Oregon. Washington. And Bariloche, Argentina.

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These places are all very special to us. Each one represents great times, great roads, and even better peeps. Some we didn't have enough time to explore, others we just can't wait to get back to.

D'OH! :dopeslap:

I forgot the only real choice for "back to" I had: The Dragon's Tail and it surroundings.

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