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Which Autocom adapter for Garmin Zumo?


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All, good morning. I have an Autocom Active 7 unit and am about to purchase a Garmin Zumo. Which adapter from Autocom do I need to make certain I can receive phone, GPS and music from a separate source (iPod)? I really can't tell from the product list on the Autocm website, and the info sheet from Garmin lists product #'s no longer made by Autocom from what I can tell. TIA, and Happy Holidays.

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I have a similar set-up. Autocom Super Pro AVI (or some such) and the Zumo 550.


The general answer is YES.


The choice you have is how you interface the output from the Zumo to the Autocom. One option is to use wires, the other is connect it via Bluetooth.


I use wires and think it the best solution (for me). I let the phone B/T to the Zumo and use wires from the Zumo to the Autocom via a connecting module.


I thinkit is part number 1299. Two wires into the 1299 from the Zumo and one wire out to the Autocom. The 1299 integrates the stereo from the Zumo and the Microphone of the headset to the zumo.


This gives me full functionality. I have AM/FM/Weather from a small Sony radio unit. The Zumo which has the mp3s, navigational prompts, and the telephone, intercom to/from the passenger, and bike to bike via Kenwood radio.


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I too use the hard wired part #1299 into my SuperPro AVI. It also brings in XM radio from the Zumo 550. Works great. You might want to check with the new distibuitor on any differences between the Active 7 and SuperPro AVI.

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John Bentall

Sounds like you want to interface a state-of-the-art GPS with an Autocom unit designed before GPS ever had cellphone or music functionality - having last been listed in the 2005 Autocom catalog.


The recommended way to interface this units is as follows;

1) Interface the Zumo cellphone/GPS via part #1276 to the Autocom. The 1276 will plug into the Phone socket on your Active-7.

2) Interface the battery-powered iPod via your existing stereo lead (#2266) into the music socket on the Active 7 OR,

if you are using the bike-powered Zumo for your music, purchase isolated lead (#2268)

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You may or may not need the isolated lead for your music source. I didn't. Just used a standard 3.5mm stereo lead. Grounding the Autocom to the battery will help. The isolated leads are spendy AND you'll loose a little gain on the volume.

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