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6000 mi service questions


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Hello, new guy here (been lurking for some time).

I have a '09 RT that needs a 6000 mi. service. I asked the service writer at the local BMW what's involved. According to him it's:


a) oil change,

b) adjust the valve's

c) re-torque something

d) throttle body sync

e) bleed the brakes


Is the list correct? I have the JVB DVD and it doesn't mention re-torquing anything. Anyone know what needs to be re-torqued at the 6000 mi service?


I think I'm going to skip the throttle body sync and bleeding the brakes. Bad idea? I live in a dry climate and my bike is garaged. I doubt the brake fluid has accumulated much moisture. My rational for not doing a throttle body sync is I don't have the sync tool and the bike is running fine.


Does anyone know how to reset the service light?


Unless I missed it the JVB video only specifies the value gap minimum. Is there a maximum?


Are there any good references on the inter-web that would help?





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You have access to the maintenance schedules at the top of the "Hexhead & Camheads" forum - Title: Archive for Hexheads Maintenance & Parts Data.

There is plenty info if you search around here, on how to build an inexpensive & effective manometer for doing the TBS.

Brake fluid replacement interval is based mostly on time, not mileage. I believe 2 years is the norm.

Value gap min/max? Are you talking about the spark plugs? They should not be a problem at 6000 miles, and for many more after that.


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The re-torque is for the cylinder head and that is or should have been done at the 600 mile running in service, one time operation.


Brake fluid service is based on time, initially after 1 year then every two.


TB sync is recommended at the 6000 service, as noted you can make a simple and effective manometer.


There is not a min / max spec for the valve lash (adjusted cold)


Dealer or GS911 to reset the service reminder.


The BMW DVD lists 3 services:

Mileage, time, or combination of the two. Search and you will find them.

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If you're doing the valve adj., re-torque of the heads is no big deal and probably makes sense to do on a fairly new bike. TB sync can really make a difference is smoothness and vibration as well as gas milage. I'd recommend you do it.

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TB sync can really make a difference is smoothness and vibration as well as gas milage. I'd recommend you do it.


+1. Just had mine done as part of the 18k service and I still can't believe how smooth it is now. Also feels like a gained 10 hp. Had you asked me before I would have said bike's running just fine.

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I had browsed the 9 pages of archive data but I missed that link to the maintenance schedules.


Thanks those are very useful.


After doing a little research I think I'm going to make a manometer.



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