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inexpensive way to perserve plywood panels


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Have about 20 1/2" thick plywood panels used at storm shutters in florida. They are cut to size so they fit inside the outside window openings with Plylox clips. They are a 2 years old, I believe.

1)What is an inexpensive way to perserve the wood? Should have done it right off the bat. Paint or stain? I rather not do polyurethane as it's hotter than hell right now and the fumes will knock me out. Can't do outside, as getting into the 'wet season.'


2)Anyway to take the bow out of the sheets? They are in small shed stacked against wall on 2 X 4 PT wood. Clamp them together?




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Floor paint.


Will not bow if kept mostly vertical or flat. However, let them lean a lot and they will.

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I would use water-base exterior house paint with an appropriate primer. The paint has good flexibility when dry and will allow the wood to expand and contract. Use a roller to apply and make sure you get the edges.


If you have space, store them flat on top of each other using narrow wooden spacer strips that allow the panels to breath.


Inspect periodically to make sure varmints aren't nesting.




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It's not cheap, and the fumes will kick your @$$, but those panels will last a 1000 years: http://www.herculiner.com/


Main thing is to paint 'em with something. anything. House paint's good enough for the house, use that. Maybe you (or your neighbor) has some left over? Check the paint store for color screw-ups or wrong orders. They like to let that stuff go cheap. Also sometimes you can get it for FREE at hazardous waste collection sites, or eco oriented recycling centers. Ask around.



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I'm thinking that I'd buy some wood rot liquid perservative and coat the edges with it before painting. It's a very thin epoxy that will soak into the wood and seal it. Then I'd look for a paint that says marine on it.





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