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O2 sensor simulator


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Ordered an O2 sensor simulator from magnumtuning.com today and can't wait to try it out. Is a four wire unit with two adjustment pots. Procedure is to measure the heater resistance of the real O2 sensor then adjust one pot to match this resistance on the simulator. The other adjustment will tune the frequency of the output sine wave as it changes above and below .5 VDC. I think this device will once and for all eliminate all traces of surging. I hope.

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Cost with shipping is $84. Will post after I have tried it out. Device apparently ships from Europe so delivery is out a couple weeks. I plan to adjust the unit for best fuel economy at cruise with emphasis on smoothness. Plan to measure output with multimeter and set output at .45 VAC to start. It seems O2 sensors have an average life of from 30K to 50K miles on average and their output begins to flat line as they age which would eventually cause the Motronic to go into the limp home mode which is not desirable imo as fuel economy would suffer. I wish BMW had equipped these bikes with a fault lamp that would illuminate when the O2 sensor causes this condition to occur. That way you would know when to begin troubleshooting and start with a trip to the dealer to have the Motronic fault codes read out and reset. I don't know, maybe the new R1200's have an indicator lamp? Haven't looked at the new bikes as my '04RT is the last new BMW I will ever buy. From now on it's airheads only for me.

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