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Riding home from work


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.......a little snapshot of part of my ride home from work , one of several different routes I can choose from ........

Nothing high tech , just put it together quickly using Windows Movie Maker





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Marty Hill

What a wonderful ride home. I'm sure many of us will never be the same after viewing this. :wave:

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Well living in the prairies as I do, I think thats just too bad your local roads are so...........bendy

I mean wouldn't you rather have them surveyed at 90 degree right angles and go straight for oh I don't know 15 mile or so................... JK of course.


I was born on the in the UK but never had the chance to ride there.


Our consolation is the frequent opportunity to open it up because you can safely see for miles........and miles...........;-)

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Gosh, Steve, this actually brought a tear to my eye. My wife and I once lived in England, not too far from your home, and it was one of the happiest times of our lives. The country roads of Oxfordshire are beautiful.


You live in a magical place.

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You live in a magical place.


.Ta ........ I sure as hell don't work in one !! :grin: :grin: :grin:


To get to those roads , I have to battle the Oxford ring road and A34 before I get there though



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