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SBK Ride...


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As you know World super Bike is headed to Salt Lake City this weekend.


As part of the kick-off, riders are invited to the Utah state capital building at 4:00 Friday afternoon to gather and then ride with the SBK Riders to the Gateway Mall for an evening show, and various forms of entertainment.


[For the record- the invitation is for Patriot Guard Riders- but I am certain it is open to any riders who show up]. If you have any reservations- just mount an American Flag on your bike- you will be warmly welcomed.


I hope to go really fast and get there before Noriuki Haga... maybe pass Corser too. (Everyone else does)



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... maybe pass Corser too. (Everyone else does)

just the first 4 to 7 places


Only if his tires fade from the capital to the mall...

He's often sheer hell to pass for the first 6-8 miles!

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I don't know Bob, its Aloha day at work on Friday, but if I can get my ATTGATT on over my hula skirt, I will be there! :grin:

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