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High Beam Bulb Holder


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It is a challenge on the RT. I find lots of light, removing the right side fairing, and approaching it from underneath sitting on the floor helps. After I've replaced a bulb, it would be easier if I did it right then. The length of time between replacements makes it a new adventure each time. Lots of wiggling rather than brute force is the secret to removal.

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The brute force caused the plastic tab to crack.


I actually have the nose off and its still a PITA.

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I tried it once. After bloodying my knuckles to succeed without tupperware removal, I vowed never again. Dealer does it for $10 in a few minutes, and I was more than happy to pay for that job to be done.



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The greatest danger of the brute force approach is the chance of separating the black plastic tab portion of the holder from the metal part that holds the bulb. This could leave the metal section in the headlight reflector unit with no clear way to remove it. BTDT but I got very lucky.

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$10 is a deal to have someone else do it!


I got to play the game of getting said metal ring out of the headlight housing after it fell down by the reflector.


The highbeam is back in - thankfully without any fatalities. I have all the plastic off as I decided to check the headlight ground tab and reroute some wiring.


Next is a full brake flush.


Once I'm done with that, I need to replace the rubber boot between the trans and swingarm. That is going to be another PITA. Any tips with that? I bought 2 spring clips and a new boot. The last spring clip didn't make it. I cut into several pieces as I lost my patience.

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you mean that boot that is near the final drive?


ah yes, brake flush, i remember it well. It took me most of the day to do one zone (the zone that includes both calipers). Never did the modulator zone though, that looks tedious. you have a funnel right? that helps a lot.

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Hi Rich,

I think it's this boot.





Yes - the PITA one!


I've done the brake flush once already. I have the funnel, which makes it much easier. I couldn't imagine doing it without the funnel.


The job isn't too bad, just need to make sure you keep everything clean and don't let the level go too low.

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