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F800ST Windshield alternatives


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My wife and I are fine tuning our preparations for a cross-Canada trip, me on my R1200RT and her on her F800ST.


With a loaded tankbag she can't get below the slipstream and therefore finds the wind, which we have had for the past two trips, quite tiring and definitely a factor in her comfort level.


Has anyone here tried a different, taller windscreen, and what is your opinion of them?


Thanks for any input.

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This thread should give you some ideas.


I've tried the MRA, MRA Vario, Givi, and now I'm using a Skidmarx double bubble. I prefer the double bubble screen because it provides the smoothest airflow over the top of my shoulders and helmet.


I didn't think the MRA Vario provided any better wind protection than a stock screen, though the air flow was a little less turbulent.


You'll need a TALL screen to get out of the wind completely. Good luck.

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After reading every forum I could about windshields. I went with the Madstad. I have bar risers and with the stock shield it became very uncomfortable above 60. I picked the Madstad because its adjustable!!!


Now its a pain to adjust, but once dialed in, its great. I did set it up so that I can loosen the back bracket and change the tilt about two inches. Takes under 5 minutes. Great for when it rains and then back down for sunny days.


Did I say its adjustable!!! Also it's not cheap.

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