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garmin nuvi 255 question


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Can anyone shed some light on a couple of questions pertaining to a garmin 255? My folks are going to use mine to go up north. My step dad is going a little past Fredericksburg, VA (on I-95) where he gets off and takes US 17N to I-66W. He is taking I-66W to I-81N where he will continue on up North. This is probably the only help he may need he told me. He is going this route hell or high water. Anyhow, was on the phone Friday with a very friendly tech from Garmin. I told him I read the manual (including online) and could not figure out how to program it for where routes intersect and you wish to take that particular route that veers off. He had me do a combo of cities and intersections.

1)I have in my notes that I asked him why we had to do 2 different ways -both intersections and cities. He said we did “intersections” where we could find cities intersecting.

2) We chose “cities” where no cities readily apparent. (e.g. US 66W + I-81N).

3)Does this sound right? I was thinking it was the opposite, but meds have confused my thinking.

4)The online manual for the nuvi 255 says that Note: “Intersections are defined as street intersections and do not include highway or interstate connections.”

5)If this is so, why do I have a couple of intersections such as “I-95N + US17N” plus “US17N +I- 66W” in the gps? I don’t know if they will work but they are in favorites and recently found. As you can see, I am a novice at this, plus it’s a cheap gps. Main reason I bought it was because this one says “take a right on Elm street” vs. ‘take a right in 75 feet.”


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