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Cub Cadet lawn tractors


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Just putting this out there as it may be of some interest to some.

I was changing the oil in my lawn tractor the other day and discovered that the oil filters I use on my bike fit the Kohler (23HP) engine.

I had purchased several filters from Walmart on my last trip to the States, so now have a good supply for both the bike (R12RT) & the tractor.

The OEM filter from the Cub Cadet dealer are just as expensive as the BMW OEM filters.

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Who'd'a thought? That raises the interesting possibility of an engine swap. Think of how fast you could get that yard done!



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I lucked out as well. My RT takes the same filter as my '08 Jeep Wrangler. Gotta love being able to shove a Mopar filter into the nether regions of a fine German motorcycle :rofl:

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Paul Mihalka

When I had the SAABs, they used the same oil filter as the BMW bikes starting with the K75.


Hijack, oddest compatibility: Around 1978 in Venezuela we had three vehicles. Maria's '70 Merceds 200 used a Solex carburettor, our '75 Range Rover used two Stromberg, the BMW R100RS used Bings. All three carburettors were exactly the same design and used the same vacuum diaphragm, a frequent wear item!


note: As the Range Rover motor was a original Buick/Olds/Pontiac motor, it ended up with a Edelbrock manifold and a off-road Holley four-barrel :grin:

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Ahh! That small 3.5 V8 was a sweet motor. It was also light enough and small enough to shoe horn into Ford Cortina's!

Zooom! Wheeeeeee!!!



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