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Pillion Seat Bag suggestions


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I'm preparing for my trip to Vacouver next month. This is my first big trip and I plan to be gone for about 2 weeks.


I have the side panniers and the large BMW top case. I was thinking about getting a pillion seat bag for a little additional space for clothes. Any suggestions?


I saw the Touratech Pillion Seat Bag, but at nearly $300, it seems rather pricey.


I'd like to find a waterproof bag that has straps that go under the seat. A quick release / velco is standard, but I'd like something I can tie down with a simple / light weight cable lock. I just want something that I can walk into a gas station / restaurant / whatever and leave the bike unattended for a little bit without too much worry. Not for overnight.


I have a bike Alarm with proximity sensor, so that helps. The bike alarm actually saved me this last weekend in SF. Someone managed to get my bike cover half off (no way wind could have done that). I'm assuming the alarm stopped them for doing much more as I parked in view of, but not in front of, a manned guard station.





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Hi Mitch,

I'm not sure if you're going solo or 2 up but if it's solo, I think you're overpacking if your top case and side bags can't hold it. When we travel 2 up, I add the BMW tank bag and, for longer trips, a medium bag that attaches to my top case. These are only necessitated because my wife routinely packs hair dryers, toasters and enough shoes for several black tie dinners. Several years ago we were on a 16 day ride out west and we actually sent a box of "stuff" home while we were in Utah. It was probably a 18x12x12 inch box too. We find it much easier to pack light and find a laundramat every few days. Have fun regardless what you pack though. :thumbsup:

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Dry duffel is the best thing we've found; attach with some soft side-lock webbing straps, I've never, ever found it necessary to lock anything to the bike for gas station, lunch stops. The straps will hold the bag in place by wrapping around the pillion handholds.


Here you go: http://tinyurl.com/ybmhl3e


And the straps are like these (these are pretty long, though):



An alternative is to buy some smush bags at Target, etc, and use those: http://tinyurl.com/2bpkgr3 You can pay much, much more for the bags elsewhere, such as Aerostich, but they're all about the same. I like to use one of the large bags for dirty clothes.


The main thing I do these days, though, is pack only microfiber clothing whenever possible. Drastically reduces bulk.



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I use one of the Ortlieb from Aerostich. Completely waterproof and built to last forever.



They also have this one which looks rather nice, but I have no experience with it.




I tie mine down with Rokstraps. One it's all closed and tied down, no one will mess with it when you are in the store for a while. The Rocstraps are better than plain nylon straps because there is some elastic give in them. I've been using this setup for a number of years with no issue. Bag is still as waterproof as ever and straps are holding up great.




You can either tie the bag down to the luggage rack if you aren't using the top case or to the rear seat if you are (I assume you are not riding 2 up if you are looking at adding a bag to the pillion spot).


Here is a pic of mine mounted on the luggage rack from the back.



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I really like my H20 bags. I bought them when Helen still owned the company. There was some discussion that she was treated poorly by racer parts, but I am not aware of the specifics. The bags are great. When used with the straps, they stay put. The top/side opening is a very nice feature. We have used them for 6 years without any issues. http://www.racerpartswholesale.com/category/Helen_Twowheels_Clothes_Sacks

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I have carried various bags over the years. Got tired of not waterproof, too hard to tie on, waterproof with cover and cover blows off, bag too big, bag too small.


I went to REI and bought http://www.rei.com/product/764202


I just got back from a 2500 mile trip to Big Bend. The bag held all I could want, was a great backrest, had all kinds of straps to tie it on, and oh yeah...it survived very heavy rain storms for hours with nothing getting wet. I bought the medium size in black.


Just my .02

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I hope you have a terrific trip. Two weeks on the bike is sweet!


I found that taking too many clothes makes for a lot of work. I am not a fan of laundramats either. I don't like to have anything on the bike that isn't locked/attached. My three GIVI E36 provide plenty of storage.


All of my clothing is now wicking fabric that washes out in the sink with a little camp soap each night. Dries in a couple of hours. The only item that I don't wash out are socks (coolmax) but I should start washing those too, as 14 pairs of socks takes up too much room.


Can't wait for the ride tale!

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Peter Parts

PIA to swing your leg over a pillion bag... esp. when you forgot it is there. Save the space for serendipity and carry some net-bungees.


Get an Ikea $20 sheepskin to sit on.



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Thanks for all the suggestions everyone! Although Albert might be right, I think I'm still going to bring a bag now that Skywagon mentioned it doubling as a back rest. :-)


I love REI and I'm between two of them - I'll stop by this weekend and check them out. I'll also check out the other suggestions too. Thanks for all the great links and suggestions!


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