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::..tRIUMPH enters the "GT" marketplace...::


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Saw this & thought oh, a name change. After looking a bit more though, seems like they made some nice changes.

I'll have to go take a peek.



Do like that open rear wheel of the ST though & agree that a power screen should have been added.

Price point I guess?




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Just this week I was walking through an underground garage here and one (blue) was parked in there. Stopped to look it over -- great looking bike

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If this had an adjustable windscreen, better hand coverage, and a couple of other nits fixed I'd seriously think about trading my recently purchase R12RT for this. If this was out before I bought my new RT, I would have sucked up or tried to fix the downsides and bought the Triumph.


I've heard nothing but raves from owners. I'm going to see if test rides are available

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even though its chain drive i think this is a single sided swing arm, so you just have to tighten the chain, not worry about aligning the rear wheel.

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Would that they had upgraded the suspension and just left the Sprint alone. OK, 10 or 20 more HP would be nice and certainly the newer panniers.


I've had my Sprint ST for 14 months now and it is just about a perfect sport touring bike. I did have to put about 2 grand in the suspension to make it handle well. In an ideal world, it would also have another gallon of gas available and my Tuono has made me appreciate what a good set of binders can do so upgrade the brakes as well.


I neither want nor need a bigger windscreen, the fairing does a more than adequate job as is and I have ridden mine in just about every weather condition but hail. Motor has been flawless, and really produces all the power anyone could want or need, I'm just used to more. Chain drive and cable clutch are both pluses to me. Simple maintenance requiring about 10 min/week and the fact that I can change the clutch cable in about that same 10 minutes by the side of the road make that a no-brainer.


The seat looks to be a lot better on the GT and, as soon as they are available, I'll be checking out what is needed for a swap.

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