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Loveland Pass South Ascent - May 17 Video


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Hey in case interest, turned on the helmet cam around noon today and recorded a south ascent of Colorado's Loveland Pass. Distilled it to a 3:52 recording. The vid begins at the Arapahoe Basin Ski Area and concludes at the 11,990 foot summit.


Recent snow has turned the above timberline area into a brilliant and searing show of white. Coupled with cottony clouds of the same color, only the high altitude sky of deep blue helps the mind and camera separate where the two aren't one. As thin altitude is gained so is there a thinning of the trees, until there is nothing but immense blankets of white with little contrast left to define what they hide. The sun does its blinding part. The camera is almost overwhelmed. Same for the brain. At least there is a bleached road in between it all to keep the BMW's front wheel pointed correctly!


Loveland Pass South Ascent - Streaming Video

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Thank you Steve, that is a beautiful site to a flatlander. Been over Loveland a few times, never on a bike though. May have to change that. :)


Nice work, nice music.

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Thanks all. It was quite something to be almost completely surrounded by white... above, on the sides, and below.

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