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Jan 4 RTF breakfast/ride pics


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I am so green with envy!!!!


Nice pix!


The NE is the pits !


We hate winter,

We hate snow,

We want to adios NJ

To L.A. we wanna go, go, go !



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Yeeha! Stephen

Nice shots...


But Yo, Jack...


I also looked at your calendar. Where's the listing for the '03 UnRally?!?!?!? Aren't you going! We gotta meet the guy that put all the colorful RTs up for us to dream about.







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Ya all bringing that camera to DVD aren't ya? Look forward to seeing great photos of the Village Idiot/Death Valley Days ride after the event.



Honk if you love peace and quiet

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You bet!


Stephen said;

"Where's the listing for the '03 UnRally?!?!?!? Aren't you going!" - we're trying hard to figure out how we can make this happen...

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>Hey, who's that guy with the short hair who looks like Daryll??


That's the new semi-Daryll. Not only does he have a new haircut and a shave, but he has lost some weight. He looks spectacular!


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Wow! Those are some killer shots of everyone riding! Fantastic! Looked like fun. Too bad GMR is still closed. Looks like the Crest was fun anyway.


I love SoCal weather...70s and snow (anyone reminded of the weather report Steve Martin did in LA story?!)


I'm still reeling from the pix of the new Daryll, but he looks Fabulous! At first, we weren't sure who that was! Why the makeover, Daryll?





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Great pictures! It was great to meet some new people, including the new and improved Daryll.


Too bad most of the pictures were faked -- we really met for breakfast, but we all came in our CARS. Everyone on the East Coast -- TRUST ME. There was no sunshine, no riding, no clear roads, we were all groaning, not smiling. wink.gif


And nobody mentioned we had an actual sighting of Not Me -- he was on an Opal Blue RT headed North on Grand(?) when we were headed South.


It had to be Not Me, unless it was Ida Know! laugh.gif

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Short Story: Life changes. I figured if everything else was changing I might as well change that too.


Long Story: We'll have to chat at DVD. smile.gif


Looking forward to seeing you all.


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ACK! I'm not going to DVD (my family will be down for a visit; plus, I don't know if anyone told you, but usually it is freakin' freezing in DV this time of year! At least it was last year...23 degrees!) smile.gif , so anyway, you'll have to tell Russell, and I'll get the recap.


Have fun!



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