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San Francisco


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This is a fun city to ride in ... very nearby are the hills beneath which McQueen's Mustang bounced almost forty years ago. They are just as much fun on a GS, standing on the pegs while flying through intersections.




But I think you need some more electricians or something:



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skinny_tom (aka boney)

Change the weather? Are you kidding. It was HOT today, and the fog stayed off the bulk of town all day. It's supposed to get cooler the next few days though, so keep those electrics around.


Nice Pix.

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The vast forest north of the city ... you see nature and beauty, a naval architect of the 18th century would see a fleet of these:




A very Roman tableau ... lush greenery, catenary lines and cars parked everywhere:




Intermingled with the salt water smells are clutches and brakes:




Dollars to donuts, I'll take the Citation over the Jaguar (who do you think has more in the bank?).




Walking the city, it seems no effort is spared in upgrading property (lesson to economists: Passion can drive Pricing):






Check out the three-car garage in the peach house, left. The locals tell me it's hard getting home after a night out drinking.




Don't worry about me ... I know the time.




Back to the point, watch out for the Segways (do those things have hamburger cupholders?).





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skinny_tom (aka boney)

Ian: yeah, I was working at Sta. 2 in Chinatown last night and at 13 under the Transamerica Bldg the day before.


Steve: Clara is over there near MotoJava at 9th and Bryant. It's walking distance for Coffee and Muffins in a motorcycle atmosphere. It's not quite Betty's Bikes and Buns, but it's the closest we have.

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Above the clouds in Marin County, where the Pacific Ocean meets the State of Mind that is California. Elevation here in the low 2000's while the marine layer is at 800 feet.




Looking inward ... toward the Central Valley ... in some respects the agricultural heart of the world. If you're a microclimate junkie, San Francisco is a mainline to the heart.




On the road to Point Reyes, don't take your RT this way if you're not fond of dings and dents.






The beach road at Bolinas ... we liked it here until we saw the house prices. Yikes.



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Wonderful pictures Matt.. great to see yet another place where we have friends, but have never been (yet). I love the photos of the sea shore... beautiful ! thumbsup.gif

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The beach road at Bolinas ...


You actually found Bolinas? Pick me up a road sign next time you're there if you could tongue.gif


Somewhat of an inside joke. Bolinasans/Bolinasites (izatright?) are known for removing signs that give directions to the town. Last time I was there, I couldn't find any (so, was I really there?) but they may have tired of taking them down by now.

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Suicide is painless ... or so the television sings:








We had fun on the way ... the roads in Marin (MRN) and Sonoma are horrible terrible things. I'm taking this one next time:




King Ridge and Fort Ross come together here. If you can't have a good time here, you're hopeless.




In his Playboy interview due in November, Cory talks about the joys of women's prisons, and why not all Californians brush their teeth twenty times a day.








And finally, all things good must come to an end ... my return to San Francisco, and back east beyond that. Sarah and I have agreed that we will be vacationing here again ... it's just too good.





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Hi Matt -

Wow! You do take awesome pictures - angles of view, colors, etc. very artistic! I loved the pictures of downtown S.F. posted earlier as well as the newest ones from the lookout where we all lost Big Red bncry.gif Viewing the memorial picture you captured from within the seat of my home still struck a nerve in me ... I can only imagine what it must have felt like to be so close. Thank you for sharing it and all of your photos with us. I am so pleased you and your wife had a good visit and that some of our members could accompany you on the great roads we offer in California. We live in Folsom, which is only about 80 miles east of S.F. and maybe we can hook up with you on your NEXT visit.



P.S. Thanks for giving us a preview of Corey's new leather riding suit - Corey that is so cool! Does wearing it make you feel like you are going faster? How was the long distance on the R1? You still have a standing offer to ride my ST for a demo ride thumbsup.gif

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Great great photos Matt. What a great day for a ride too.


And yes Virginia, you can ride an R1 almost like a BMW grin.gif. I don't know if I've enjoyed the bike that much before. This was a fantastic ride, Dr. Routman did fine work, the roads were perfect and there was a crisp chill under the sunshine all day. Rides don't get much better than that.


I didn't know her at all, but seeing the spot where Melinda Moore ran her Tuono off a cliff was moving. It's not the same thing as reading about it or looking at pictures. Wow. It's not a happy or peaceful spot at all. It's stark, empty. I can't imagine the thoughts that must have gone through her mine. RIP, Melinda.


More longer rides coming up. What a day! Thanks Matt, you ROCK!

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Thanks for giving us a preview of Corey's new leather riding suit - Corey that is so cool! Does wearing it make you feel like you are going faster? How was the long distance on the R1? You still have a standing offer to ride my ST for a demo ride.


Ginger, you're a nut!! But yes, I have to admit, there is that feeling fast effect grin.gif.


How was the R1 for a whole 330 miles? It was a blast. If I put my attention on relaxing, especially my legs, rather than squeezing every bit of fun out of every turn, then it's a fun fun ride. That was nice to figure out. I'm going to do a lot of longer rides now.


Let's ride together Ginger, you, me and Tom. Doesn't that sound like fun?

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Corey -

Tom says I need to leave a day early to catch up with you both dopeslap.gif We just got back from a ride in the foothills, Amador County, and Tom waits for me a lot!!!! I am relearning to ride the ST. It is very different from the cruiser position and I find myself riding slower to make sure I am in the right RightSmart position. Tom is a very skilled rider and I think I am a very good rider. David, in our RideSmart workshop, told me I have good throttle control and lane position in the twisties, and that I was very smooth - that was riding the R1200C. I just needed to get more speed, which everyone said would come with experience. So I need more experience and would love to ride with you and Tom any time!!!! Just keep Tom busy while I take a few minutes to catch up tongue.gif I love the ST more every time I ride it. I've been rereading the book Proficient Motorcycling and realize I've got one of the worst Survival Responses (SRs), which is to roll off the throttle. I know it shifts the weight of the bike to non-optimal. So I am also focusing, when I ride my ST, on my entrance speed into a turn and rolling on the throttle all the way through a turn. Riding with you and Tom would continue my effort to improve my riding skills. Glad you had a great ride with Matt!

Hugs, Ginger

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STL RT Rider

Matt, great pics! How about PMin' me with your route. Maybe I can download into the Garmin?


I'd be lucky to get half that ride in, but it beats trying to figure it out on my own. Wouldn't want to miss something, you know? smile.gif Thanks!

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