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12 hour rally - Georgia


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Last year I went up to Surrency Georgia to try out Ed's 12 hour Last Resort rally. The 'resort' is a house out in the Georgia weeds, and there ain't nuthin' fancy bout it. Surrency is a hole in the wall with no hotels, but it's 12 miles from Baxley (four hotels, maybe), and 25 miles from Jesup (lots of hotels).

The schedule was/will be:

Friday 6:00 pm - gathering for home made vegetable beef soup, general info, and receive the rally packet at 7:00 pm. (actually, everything ran about an hour late, but who needs to sleep).

8 pm - Go back to the hotel and map out a route.

Saturday, 6 am - donuts and coffee, apples etc.

7:00 am. Rally riders depart

Saturday, 7:00 pm. Rally ends. Home made bbq with all the trimmings

Sunday 7 - 9 am - breakfast get together if you ain't already headed for home.


This was a fun rally, but there were only 10 entries last year, with a lot of new rally noobs, but there were also some rally veterans (Jim and Donna Phillips, for example). I ended up going to Macon and NE of Atlanta, with about 550 miles covered.

I would realy like to see this rally take off, because it is excellent for newcomers, and is challenging enuf for veterans and it is just laid back.


This year the rally is the first weekend in April. More info at: EDSLASTRESORTRALLY.COM

No affiliation, etc, just a fun thing to do.

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This one is a good rally for a first one because it is very laid back. Ed runs everything himself and is big on the standing-around- -and-talking part of motorcycling. The route planning, since it has to be done at night while sitting in a hotel room, is kinda tough if you are trying for a high dollar route and puts a little pressure on newcomers if you let it get to you. If you are just interested in trying out rallies to see if you want to try a more serious one, it is excellent training.

If you have any questions on routing (getting the info into your GPS, etc) let me know, and I will try to help.

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Thanks Flars,


I plan to be there. It's only 50 miles from home. I am still using a combination of paper maps and Garmin 2610.


Any chance of getting a list of last years check points to see what it's like.


Looking forward to it.



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is 12 hours and 500 mile the norm? I enjoy route planning, but I usually do around 225 miles with many pictures / lunch / snack breaks as a saturday ride. would I be creating a problem if I came and just rode on saturday, and just enjoyed the fri and sat dinners? How "informal" is this event.

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Most 12 hour rallies are about 500 miles and are held in conjunction with a 24 hour rally (Cape Fear, and the Void Mini rallies, e.g.). There used to be two 12 hours rallies (in SC and one in NC) that were 12 hours also, but they are now history, unfortunately. Most rallies are 24+ hours.

Last year Ed's rally did not require a camera for anything - it was all 'fill in the blank', except for one location near Atlanta where you visited Ed's friend, who took your picture and posted it on the website - and also signed your rally book. I had plenty of time to take pictures if I wanted to (I finished early - in about 11 hours because I wasn't sure about traffic in Macon and around Atlanta), and I still had 500+ miles - which involved I16 and I275.

Anyone who wants to just get the feel for rallying could just figure out a short route and finish early and sit around with Ed and have a couple soadie pops waitin' for the bbq.

I think you could do this rally with maps only, if you are good at estimating travel times, especially since you only get the bonus list the night before the rally begins.

WRT the soup and bbq - Ed had a couple of people attend last year just to camp out and hang around and schmooze and ride around the local area. The guy who set a new record for Prudhoe to Key West was there last year (can't remember his last name - John somebody), and it was nice to meet him.

WRT last years's bonus locations - I still have all the locations on my laptop in Streets and Trips. I don't know if Ed would mind, since you don't know where everyone else went, and you won't know what was required, but you would have to ask him before I could send them to you.

The MD2020 has a link to rally bonus locations, etc:



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