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11RT Tank Bag Fitting Problem


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Just got around to doing this job and it should have taken 5 mins ...


but one of the allen screws set into the front of the fuel tank is simply spinning or rather the insert in the fuel mtank is. A po has clearly over tightened at some time in the past. Any ideas how to get the da*n thing out?

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scotboxer, no set method as they don’t all strip or stick the same..


The way I would try is to pretty well in this order..


--First try a fairly aggressive air powered impact wrench on an appropriate sized driver.. (sometimes that will over power the stuck threads & spinning insert & allow removal from the spinning insert)


--If the impact fails then,, c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y drill the head off the screw,, then remove the Tupperware..

Then maybe try to super glue the spinning insert to the tank body.. If you can get it to stay put then maybe you can get the screw remainder out with a small pair if long nose vise grips..


If it won’t budge per above----


Then (very important) measure the other inserts for depth so you can set a depth stop on your drill bit..

Then carefully use a (small) center drill to start the exact center of the old screw,, then CAREFULLY drill out the screw with a smaller than diameter drill bit (don’t forget the depth stop).. Then in steps move up to proper tap size drill.. Once the old screw is drilled out to tap size re-claim threads using first a plug tap then a bottoming tap.. Remove tap often & blow out thread chips.. DO NOT drill or tap too deep or you will drill right through the insert into the tank internal fuel cavity..


Once the threads are cleaned out with proper threads you can carefully use a new screw even with the insert spinning if you are careful on starting the screw straight & lightly lubing the screw first..


I have drilled out a few of those spinning insert screws per above & in ALL cases the rider is still installing & removing the screw even with the loose insert by being careful & lubing the screw before installing..





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