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recommendation for cc with air miles ?

Doug 55

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If there are any "good" ones* left ?


Anyhow, I'm living the glamorous life of business travel :dopeslap: so it seems like I might as well run my expenses through a cc with some bennies instead of my debit; recommendations would be greatly appreciated !



* news articles etc seem to mention a lot of cutting back, additional conditions and clauses and so forth.



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Nice n Easy Rider

Delta American Express/SkyMiles doesn't have a fee but their awards for non-US travel require more miles than American. Those are the only two I accumulate miles for now.

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Before you commit, try playing online and booking flights. :eek:


You may be surprised at the amount of miles it takes and the unavailability of flights...


My CC has changed drastically in the last year. Annual costs have risen and mileage has changed.


I will be dropping mine soon. :grin:



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I use the Amex Bluesky card; I think it's the best option. Forget about collecting miles, blackout dates, etc. Every $7500 you spend you get $100 credit on ANY travel expenditure made during a 90 day period back from when you decide to redeem the credit. Hotels, airline tickets, etc etc. Takes just a minute to get the credit online.


By comparison, most of the air miles cards require 30,000 "miles" or more to get a ticket; only a good deal when you get a card with a big bonus, harder to find these days.


Oh: pay the balance, pay the balance, pay the balance, at the end of the month.

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I found it really works well if you focus your travel with one airline. I was fortunate in being able to book all my own travel, which really helps build up the relationship and miles :thumbsup:

Had my AA Citibank card for over 23 years now (World Elite Platinum)and no complaints from me. I am a lifetime Gold AA flyer (Member of the Million mile club) and it helps if you have a Priority FF status e.g. Gold or Platinum to go along with the card :thumbsup:. Good perks.





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I used to have Capital One until they dropped me for lack of use.

Their gimmick is you have 15,000 "free airline miles" after I charged $15,000 in purchases on the card. In reality you have a 1% rebate good towards the purchase of an air travel ticket. So I got $150 off my next plane ticket for my "15,000 free miles". Last time I made that mistake.

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