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My Thanksgiving


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I looked at the forecast on Friday after Thanksgiving and saw great weather pretty much blanketing the area. I decided to hit the road.


I took my new GS, and it was my first overnighter with it. Took me a while to get everything ready. Friday I just blasted down I5 from Portland to Grants Pass, setting up for an early ride down to the Redwoods South of Crescent City, CA.


Woke up Saturday to fog and temps just above freezing. Thank goodness for Gerbing. Headed southwest on US-199 and was out of the fog in about 20 miles. Beautiful morning ride, was 45 by noon. Turned off just before Crescent City onto Howland Hill Road through the Redwoods. South of Crescent City I turned onto 101, down the the south end of the Newton B. Drury Scenic Drive. Took that up and then the Coastal Drive, then back over to 101 and headed north. Stopped in Bandon by the Sea for the night. Stayed at the Best Western there, the on site restaurant was really good. Love the winter rates too.


Got up Sunday and was on the road at dawn. Straight up 101, the entire way. I've seen most of it, but some of the middle of the state was new to me. Not much traffic until Newport, really nice riding. Decided to cover the whole state, so crossed the Columbia in Astoria to get all the way to Washington. Headed back over the bridge and home to Portland via Jewell and Vernonia.


Just shy of 900 miles. Amazing weather.


Pics at



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Very nice pics. We've turned our attention to the Portland area as a possible next home rather than the Seattle area. Just need to convince wife we need two GS'

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Thank you very much for posting. I'll be revisiting these shots over the long winter.








I wouldn't be able to pass this place up


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That bridge into Astoria Oregon knocks me out. Its fantastic.

Great pics. How was it riding grants Pass! I took it at night and it was a bit much for me. Did you get to Oswald or Humbug state parks.


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Thank you very much for posting. I'll be revisiting these shots over the long winter.



Your recent post about putting your bike in the pole barn and living vicariously through others led me to be more diligent about stopping for the pictures along the way and getting them posted.


Glad you enjoyed them.

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Nice ride, did you get to ride any trails on the trip? Oh and I noticed your taillight looked stock, if it is you may want to check out the one thats in my GS from gizmomill.com it really gets attention and no canbus issues.

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