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Starting at 7:45 am this morning Bernie, Highway41 (Bill Wood), and I thought we were just going down to have some BBQ with some fellow BMW Outriders.


A nippy 39 degrees started our day....(Yes, this is Florida) By the time we reached Green Cove Springs it was a nice 44 degrees. We made a decision to stop in Key Stone Heights and have some breakfast and called a friend to ride with us.....So here is where it starts getting a little strange....Bill, Bill, Bill, and Bernie hit the road for BBQ....


Beautiful Florida backroads start leading us to the deep forest areas of the Ocala National Forest looking for the elusive PIG on the Plate...






Along the way we pass up the temptation to stop at the Ft. McCoy Pow Wow did not look like much for BBQ...



Next we passed by this town....I wonder how it got it's name....







Nope not cats Dressed or not we want PIG!...







Now this place has some possiblities....







Come to find out the second hottest place in Hog Valley on a Saturday besides the fire department is here....I don't think I want to find out....







Wanna try HOG WALLER?






The buzzards start circling....






I think they want my smoked chicken...They can have it cuz we want PIG!






The last guys on this QUEST...










Bernie finds the spot...








Highway41......The squeels hurt my ears







No Rabbit just pig...






I think I'll leave "Uncle Cooters" REDNECK NACHOS out for the day...









I wonder what we will find tommorrow going to BIKETURKEYFEST?






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Well, did you EAT anything at all ????


Same question, followed along mouth watering waiting for the

payoff, Nothing! :(

So, hope you don't mind if I insert a surrogate BBQ platter! :grin:






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Both of those birds look 1000% better then what that place called BBQ.

When are we going to Huckleberry's for some real BBQ ? :S

I had liquid smoke, yuck.:mad:

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I could go to the Huckleberry Saturday... We leave with Bill, drop down some backroad near Tallhoochie for breakfast and then get to the huckleberry when it opens so there's time to eat and get back for the game...


Or, we could ride out and back with Bill and then I'll put something on the smoker for the game

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