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Part # for 'front wheel removal tool' on '07 R1200RT????


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Sorry if this is a repeat but could not find anything using "search"


The service manual uses part #363691 for the 22mm hex front wheel removal tool.


Online BMW parts place came back with part #90886363691 for $16.20US. No description though. Product NAME = 83300402229 S.


Does anyone know if this is the part I'm looking for? Another way to order it?




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Many are using a 3/8 drive spark plug socket with a hex end that fits pretty well. Just put an extension on the "inside" of the socket and wa-lal, a cheap tool.

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Lotsa cheap ways to REMOVE the axle but many do not allow a torque wrench to be applied to them when tightening. I would recommend torquing the front axle for sure, so a purpose-made tool would be preferred, i.e. Cycle Gear etc

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You can put a torque wrench on this, Bob:




What, are you one of those anti purpose-made-tool Nazis? Smart-a$$. :wave:


Now go eat your spagetti-o's, Bozo.

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Those three pieces are all antiques. The crap new stuff is inexpensive, but if you were to try to collect all three pieces on ebay or through the various antique tool collecting sites, you'd easily spend $180.


Just try, for instance, to find a Montgomery Ward socket extension like the one in the photo.


I guess I could let the set go for $125 to an ST member.

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I simply cut the top off an old 13/16" spark plug socket. You can also get a great tool from www.marcparnes.com for about $30. I use his and they are great!


Jim :Cool:

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