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R1100_RT Tank Bag


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Hi All,


Well after sometime I cannot believe I actually did it, BUT I came across a good deal on a 110RT-P not far from me so I scooped it up.


I do however KNOW that I need a tank bag to carry all the cr*p I do on a daily basis while riding.


Anyone have a recommendation for a 98 1100rt tank bag...DOES NOT have to be BMW. Jus tlooking for something that will work given the tank profile


thanks for taking the time to read this !

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I've researched this extensively before deciding on one. Learning much from those that have tried many different types. My finding was the "BigMak" was the choice.


Love mine. It does not require removing to fill up with gas. You can remove it in about 3 seconds if you need to.




Hope this helps.

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I had a BigMak on my 1100RT, and it was the best tank bag I've ever owned.



+whatever. I've recently switched to the BMW bag for use with my new RT, but I liked the BigMak on my R11 better. Especially at fill-ups.

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