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Thanks to OoPEZoO and Ken H.!

Allen Rowand

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I want to thank these guys for helping me through my latest round of upgrades to the bike; Ken sent me his TB sync instructions, which gave me the info I needed on how to set my throttle cables (since I just replaced them). Keith talked me through a number of questions about brakes, which made installing my Spieglers a piece of cake. Throw in a 6k maintenance (including my first solo TB sync), rewiring my PIAAs and adding running lights switched through the RTP right hand switch, and cleaning up the new PC-8 fuseblock installation and you've got a busy couple of days.


The bike should be good for quite a while; all new cables, new brake lines, clutch and a spline job. If only it had cost two bits…

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Allen, I'm impressed with all you took on. Good for you. This is a great place to ask for and receive help.


and I think this could be moved to Motorcycle Talk



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