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Spark plug wire cap broken


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Yeah, I broke my cap and the wire going into it on my RT. Looking at the BMW maint DVD it called the sparkplug cap a Coil is that what it is? I called Irv Searver they have the parts, I will pick them up in the morning, at $250. So I got to the end of the spark plug wire where I thought the coil should be and it comes out of the wiring harness not connected to a coil...am I going to have to splice the three wires together, or is there somewhere to plug the wire in.



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Or the "plug cap" is really a stick coil. There is no "plug wire" in the traditional sence on these bikes, rather the coil is attached directly to the plug and the trigger wires are run to them. So, yes you broke a coil. Those attachment points are notoriously easy to F up, especialy the little retaining clip that keeps the trigger wires from slipping out.

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