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Bestem Powersports motorcycle luggage


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I am thinking of purchasing a set of bag liners from the above company.

Does anyone have any recommendations/comments about soft luggage liners?

As good as the BMW liners?


These are to fit a R1200RT.

Thank you


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I had both. Most recent Bestem was 2004.


The Bestem are not as good as the BMW, but a fraction of the cost. The zippers are a bit light for heavy daily use, but casual use OK.


Good luck,



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I use the Bestem liners now. MB is correct about the zippers, but that is the only problem I've had with them. You just have to be careful using the zippers. They lock up or jam easily. Otherwise, they work just fine. You can't beat the price.

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I bought the Bestem sidecase liners purely because of the price. I don't look after mine particularly well and they have withstood all my lack of care. Treat them right and they should last a long time.

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