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Valentine One Silent?


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Just hooked up my used V1. Upon power up, I hear all the audibles via my earphones. All the Red light blink and everything seems functional.


Rode 200 miles and not one bleep. Pulled up into a ParkNRide that had two CHP cruisers. Again, no bleep, flash or anything. No false alarms either.


Is there something I am doing wrong, or is it possible to go 200 miles with no apparent signals?


Any help, suggestions welcome. :S

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Send it in to Valentine one to have it checked.

I've had my unit twice go partially silent (each time about 2 years apart). Drive right past radar speed wagons without a single bleep.

Sent in to V1 both times and they recalibrated and returned my pre-paid check uncashed.

Previously undetected radar wagon magically sounds off after the service.

At least for my unit, the issue seems to be sun exposure / heat related. I have taken steps to reduce this exposure, and have not had the issue re-occur a third time yet.


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When yours had these issues, did you get the lights and audibles upon start up?


If one searches on the web, one can find that Valentine One apparently has an issue where excessive exposure to heat can cause the calibration to shift. Unit is still functioning, just not sensing all of the necessary frequency range.

Biggest tip off is that in maximum sensitivity mode, the unit will be unusually quiet when going through a sizable town. Next biggest tip off is passing a radar wagon that is tracking your speed and yet there is nothing detected by the V1.


Let me also add that Valentine One's service has been excellent! Both times, as stated above, my cost was shipping the unit to V1. My check for service which, per V1's service process must be included before sending unit in, has been returned each time uncashed. Turnaround time has been about a week, assuming I ship the item priority mail. Both times, the issue has been corrected and the unit has functioned well for at least a couple of years. (My unit is about 8 years old).


Even with the issues my unit has experienced, I am a very happy V1 customer and would buy another one, if needed, in a heartbeat!

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Could it be that both squads had the respective radar units in a hold pattern (not emitting any beam so radar detectors won't see them)?????


For the last 30 years driving squad cars, I have always had the radar unit in the hold mode until I have visually estimated the speed of a target and then release it from the hold mode to take a speed reading.


If the above was the case, your unit would remain silent. It will only detect a radar unit that has been released from the hold mode and is therefore emitting a radar beam.


I also run a Valentine One on my 2005 R1200RT.

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