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Another tire thread

Roy in SC

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I am on my third set of tires on a 1996 R1100RT.

I can easily say that the Continental Road Attacks are by far the best tires I have used on this bike. I started with the Dunlop tires, which were very hard and always felt slippery. I changed to Bridgestone BT021 which felt better but not confidence inspiring in the corners as they took a lot of effort to get the bike to roll into a turn. The Conti Road Attacks feel very stable and roll very easily into the turns, while holding the line very well. I have gotten used to the fact that I will change tires after 7-8K miles. Confidence in the turns is more important to me than high mileage. I live in SC, so the roads are narrow and twisty. I spend a lot of time around the Blue Ridge Parkway with a few trips each year to the Tail of the Dragon. If you are considering a new set of tires, the Road Attacks are worth looking into.


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