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Place to get keyswitched power for a Centech fuse box

Mark Mayo

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I am planning to mount a Centech auxiliary fuse panel under the seat. I can easily attach the battery wire to the unswitched side. Where should I go to get a source for switched power in that location. The Centech has both power inputs.



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My initial thought would be to tap into the tail light to energize the coil on a relay. Use the switched terminals on the relay to provide power from your battery to the fusebox. There might be a better source than the tailight to energize the relay, if you can find one.

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I used the #4 fuse (power socket) for both the Centech & my Motolight switched power leads by using a Fuse Splitter. The Centech switched lead is the Orange wire that comes in from the left/bottom side of the fuse case and the Motolight switched lead is the Black wire coming in from the right/top side. They both tie in to the same fuse in the splitter. Note that some of the foam on the fuse box cover needs to be removed to make room for the fuse splitter which you can see in the larger image)


My Centech is also in the tailcone; however, since I had to run the Red (hot) and Black (ground) leads to the battery anyway, it was no big deal to run the Orange (switched lead) back to the fuse block.


I snapped a couple quick photos of the fuse box that I've cropped a bit for this page; one with the splitter installed and the other with the splitter pulled (click on the photos to see the full size images).


fuse_2s.jpg fuse_1s.jpg


Click on photos for larger, more comprehensive images.

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Hi tandem geek - NICE label on the inside of the fusebox - :thumbsup: can you share that so we can all print them out and paste them inside our fuseboxes? (i could make my own but will take some time)

put (C tandemgeek on the bottom - you will achieve some sort of fame / immortality ... :)

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