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dating site for Wurty???


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The sheep in Idaho are well serviced and are not part of this concept.


By the way, has any one heard from Wurty recently? Has he gotten to Idaho yet? We have not had any reeports about sheep molesters from the herders yet.


Wurty!! Let us know so we can welcome you in person.



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Wurty doesn't molest sheep. He knows they already want him. He puts on those tall rubber boots and he tempts the sheep, baits them and lures them. Then once he has them on the hook and committed to heaven knows what kinds of behavior, he walks away leaving them wanting. He's a terrible tease in that way. But in the World of Wool, he's a Legend. :rofl:

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Hey that's funny stuff boys..

I leave Thanksgiving day for the REAL move to Idaho.

We are all looking forward to it.

Escrow has closed on our old house in Slo Cal so now we Have to move.

It's going to be great.

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