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S. A. Duc Dealer Change?


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I heard the other night that the fancy temple of Ducati out on I-10 in San Antonio is losing its franchise, although there are apparently some legal maneuverings in attempt to stall or stop the change. I've been in the shop a time or two, marveled at the facility, and at the total lack of customer service; no one approached me once, even to tell me to hit the road (same experience I get at HD dealerships)...of course, the same thing happened at the S. A. BMW shop, too, so maybe it's S. A....surely it isn't me?


If what I heard comes to pass, central Texas Duc riders should be very happy with the change.


So there's a question in all this: why would Ducati drop those guys?

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If ya wanna know what it feels like to be a lepper, go vist those POS dealers on I-10. That goes for the BMW and Duc dealers.




Good Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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