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Turning off ABS


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On a recent Bike Safety Course the instructor wanted to demonstrate heavy braking from speed with and without ABS. Although, unlike the GS, there is no obvious way to turn off the ABS on the RT. However, reversing the start sequence ie holding the start button and turning the key has the effect. I don't know when or why one would want to do this in the real world but in case anyone wanted to know how its done here it is.

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What's the year and model of your bike? I tried this on my 07 R1200ST but it didn't work. I'm wondering if this is an Integral ABS Gen I trick only.

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My bike is an 05 R1200RT and it works for me


How do you know the ABS is off? Is there an icon that comes on, or do you have to try the brakes and see what happens?



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I tried this today and it does not do anything on my 2005 1200RT. ABS was still working just fine no matter how I started it up. BTW, the Canadian spec bikes are supposed to be the same as those sold in Europe. US bikes are different in many areas.

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