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K-bike internals... not for the squeamish...


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I dunno, but if I had to guess I would say someone left something loose (bolt?) on that cam chain sprocket. Never have I seen one come loose like that under normal conditions in the old or new K or R bikes.

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His Stebel Nautilus is obviously mis-wired. Which as we ALL know, can lead to valve-float that impacts the piston on TDC, thus causing cam-sprocket shear, & toasting said K motor without apparent cause.


All under warranty, of course.




On the other hand, the sub-woofer on top of the Craftsman tool box lends serious doubt to the validity of the shop.


BMWNA will advise.


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Calvin  (no socks)

I had a car engine come in from another shop Friday... the center cam bolt was supposed to be at 88 ft.lbs.... it was at 10 and hadn't slipped while it was driven over for me to re-time the valve train. If I hadn't re-checked everything it would have blown up the first time I revved it up...

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