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2009 R1200RT Maintenance Schedule


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I have a R1200RT Maintenance Schedule dated 9/06. My dealer's indicating his schedule for the 2009 model is different.


Where can I find the 2009 schedule???

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Your dealer should print out the various checklists (maintenance schedules) for you to take home. As you've discovered the ones available online are often out of date.

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The dealer is telling me the gear box oil & final drive oil need to be changed at 12,000 miles on my 2009 1200RT. The schedule I have indicates 24,000 miles or 2 years???? Is it really necessary to do this service every 12,000 miles???


The dealer says the brake fluid should be changed at 1 year--vs 2 years in the schedule I have???


The 600 mile running in service included changing the final drive oil----I'm told because BMW was having so many problems with final drives.


I'm new to the BMW world so really appreciate this forum.

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Yes on the FD,,600 then every 12k,,,Brake fluid ,,I do my flush every 2 years,,,The guys in Florida put on some good Tech Days,,Is a great way to learn about your bike and do some of your own work,,Save $$$$$

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Brake flush is initially after one year and then every two years (you have steel-braided lines). Gearbox fluid is changed very two years or 40,000 kms (24,000 miles). FD fluid is changed initially at 600 miles then every two years or 20,000 kms (12,000 miles). This is as per the schedule dated 09/2009 which I have right in front of me.

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SCREW the "stealer", buy JVB's dvd and a copy of the service DVD (rep-rom). If you are even slightly mechanicly able you will be able to do all the services yourself for a huge savings and if there are tech days around there is no more fun than a day of getting dirty and talkin smack with the guys and gals around here.

If not, then keep a close eye on the dealer pricing and like you did keep asking questions to protect yourself from getting burned. I believe in supporting my local dealership if they are fair and supportive of their customers, but the one you are going to does not strike me as one of those. I buy most of my parts from the local dealer here, and would take my bike to them for service that I am not comfortable doing or that need the computer hooked up.

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