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new concept motorcycle. You wear it or put in on


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It's electric and apparenting it has hub motors according to the into blurb on the video. Looks like a lot of fun, but wonder how comfortable it would be hanging forward on straps.


Maybe G.W. would have done better on it than on the Segway.



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Interesting, I imagine it would feel close to flying.


There is nothing between the body and whatever is out there, the elements, debree, a small bird, insects, or worse a deer would impact the operator directly.


They would also have to develop a front strap-on wheel for those wth an overly developed belly though... :grin:

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Thats an incredible idea. Im not kidding! With the minimal ability of a quadriplegics muscle to respond to messages, this 36 pneumatic muscle machine could be tuned to each patient to coordinate and respond.

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